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A platform storage bed I’m designing. This obviously doesn’t have the footboard, headboard, or mattress on it.

The key features are four drawers on each side (total of eight) and shelves near the headboard so a nightstand can be placed next to the bed.

I’m designing it for a room that doesn’t have much space on either side of the bed so the drawers won’t be able to extend too far. Thus there will be some space in the very middle of the bed that will be accessible via the raised top (which will have hydraulic shock lifts).

Drawer hardware can be changed— I just went with this because it looked like the handles on the Lea Industries Deer Run storage bed.

Another feature of the bed is a toekick so there will be no stubbed toes when changing the bedding.

This 3D model / mesh was built in Milkshape 3D.